Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We will provide a positive school climate that will build a strong foundation for our children's future. We demonstrate our commitment by providing an provide an esteemed learning experience for each child in preparation for any early success and school readiness, with an emphasis on a partnership with parents

Our Vision

At LVIPS, our goals are to provide a structured, flexible curriculum and a positive environment, designed to meet social, emotional, language and cognitive development of children ages between two and four. The overall objective is to prepare children to enter kindergarten, ready to learn and help them accept the challenge to succeed throughout their school years.

Guided by high expectations, our preschool staff will provide students with a broad range of educational opportunities for an early start for school success.  We will strive to develop literacy skills as well as provide experiences that enrich each child's social, emotional, physical, cognitive, intellectual, and creative abilities.
Children will have a safe, wholesome, nurturing educational experience.  Children will be in a learning environment in which children can solve problems and express their feelings through words, art and other creative areas.  Children will be exposed to different cultural experiences.
Parents are an integral part of the educational process.  In recognition of this important role, parent involvement is actively sought, encouraged and welcomed.
Students will enter kindergarten with the necessary skills to promote lifelong learning.

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