Equal Opportunities Policy

Equality of opportunity is a fundamental aspect of the ethos of every school in the country. It is the responsibility of the Governors, Head teacher and all personnel involved in the school to provide leadership in the development and implementation of effective policies to promote equality of opportunity.
Little VIPS Authority is committed to the general principle of equal opportunity for all pupils irrespective of race, religion, gender, language, disability or family background and to the active support of initiatives designed to further this principle.
We aim to ensure that every pupil and staff member is given an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential. In addition, each individual is entitled to learn, teach or work in a supportive environment and to benefit from the diversity of our school community.
To meet these aims, we are committed to:

  • Equal access and treatment for everyone
  • Being responsive to changing needs
  • Educating and informing children, staff and parents about the issues in this policy
  • Avoiding prejudice · promoting mutual respect, regardless of differences


  • To promote a positive self-image in all children and to respect their individuality, providing for all pupils according to their needs
  • To ensure quality of opportunity permeates the whole curriculum and ethos of the school
  • In delivering the curriculum ensure it contains non-stereotypical images in order to overcome preconceived ideas of gender, ethnic origin, culture or religion
  • Ensure that the organisation of the school is sensitive to the needs of all
  • To acknowledge the richness and diversity of Indian society and to help prepare children for their part in that society
  • To develop a positive attitude to equal opportunity by all staff, parents, helpers, governors, children and all who participate in the school

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