Child Protection Policy

The school, staff, parents and governors share a common responsibility to keep our children safe. The school has a statutory responsibility in the area of child protection to recognise abuse

Our aims

This policy is supported by the aims of the school but particularly we strive to provide:

  • An ethos in which all children feel safe, secure, valued and respected.
  • A place where children can feel confident to talk openly and be sure of being listened to.
  • Support for children, parents and staff in difficult situations relating to child protection

Children are helped to understand the need for 'being safe' and ways in which they can help to protect themselves.
The school's 'good behaviour' policy encourages positive reinforcement of good behaviour leading children towards an understanding of 'treat others as you would like to be treated' i.e. what is acceptable behaviour towards one another and what is not.

The school follows a personal and social programme, which gives children the opportunity to consider and discuss many aspects of life, helping them to understand the dangers of abuse and how they can be protected.
During the school day the children are supervised at all times. Duty teachers and learning support assistants supervise them during playtimes, and mid-day supervisors care for them during the lunch break with duty teachers as support.
We pride ourselves on fostering a friendly, welcoming relationship with parents at Little VIPS. The Head teacher has an 'open door' policy whereby parents may come to talk to her about their concerns when the need arises. If there is an issue concerning protection it is hoped they will feel free to talk openly to her or a member of the teaching staff.

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